Journal Articles

Are Corporations Nudging the Nudgers? American Journal of Bioethics (2019)

Which Will Trump?  Human Rights and Professional Ethics or Torture ReduxMedicine, Conflict, Survival (2017)

Caveat Partner: Sharing Responsibility for Health with the Food Industry. AJPH (2017) 

The Ethics of Compromise: Third Party, Public Health, and Environmental Perspectives. J. Med. Eth. (2017)

Toward a Systemic Ethics of Public-Private Partnerships Related to Food and Health. Kennedy Inst. Ethics J. (2014) 

Nutrition and Global Health Policy: A Critical Moment.
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Silencing Marcellus: When Law Fractures Public Health.
Hastings Center Report (2014)

Objects Closer Than They Appear: Regulating Health-Based Advertising of Food. Am. J. Bioethics (2013)  

What's the Big Deal? Ethics of Public-Private Partnerships in Food and Health. Harvard Working Paper (2013) 

The Undocumented Unwell.
Hastings Center Report (2013)

Toward a Unified Theory of Professional Ethics and Human Rights. Michigan J. International Law (2012)

On Regularity and Regulation, Health Claims and Hype.
Hastings Center Report (2011)

Shifting Focus: Conflict of Interest and the Food Industry.
Am. J. Bioethics (2011) (
with D. Thompson)

Neuroskeptic's Guide to Neuroethics & National Security.
AJoB: Neuroscience (2010)

Neuroconcerns:  Some Responses to My Critics.
AJoB: Neuroscience (2010)

The Terrorist & the Doctor:  Legal and Ethical Response.
Am. Journal Bioethics (2009)

Ethics of Interrogation: US Military's Ongoing Use of Psychiatrists. N. Engl. J. Med. (2008) (with M.G. Bloche)

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Interrogational Neuroimaging in Counterterrorism: 'No-Brainer' or Human Rights Hazard? Am. J. Law Med. (2007) 

Doctors as Pawns? Law & Medical Ethics at Guantanamo.
Seton Hall Law Review (2007)

The Language and Logic of Torture.
Comparative Literature and Culture (2007

9/11 + 3/11 + 7/7 = ? What Counts in Counterterrorism.
Columbia Human Rights Law Review (2006)

The Power of Emotion.
Atrium (2006)

Doctors of Interrogation.
Hastings Center Report (2005)

Doctors and Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay.
New England Journal of Medicine (2005)
 (with M.G. Bloche)

When Doctors Go To War.
New England Journal of Medicine (2005)
(with M.G. Bloche) 

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The Price of Seduction: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs. N.C. Med. J. (2003)